belly bar // agenda As a cafe, library, festival, restaurant or what ever is fitting, you can rent the belly bar and order it as a temporary event, service or workshop to your location. The belly bar will provide your location with digestive systems ( listening devices) and changing side projects referring to the research of the belly bar.
Your customers are then free to discover their inner voice and take part in the bigger goal, which is to translate belly language into their own understanding.
when? where & what?

16.06.15 - 17.06.15






NL: Design Academy Eindhoven //

Witte Dame; Head of four.

In context of the food non food endterm exhibition the belly bar will be present in collaboration with the designer Merle Bergers.








17.10.15 - 25.10.15






NL: Dutch Design Week, exhibition "

Bizarre Sound Creatures" // Het Glaspaviljoen, Leidingstraat 30, 5617AJ Eindhoven

Here the belly bar enters the context of future sound creation. Have a look at the Bizarre Sound creatures Exhibition here!








04.09.15 - 13.09.15






FR: Paris Design Week // Galerie Joseph; le Marais; 4-6 rue de Braque

Together with  Merle Bergers, the belly bar is invited by thinking food design to exhibit itself at the Paris Design Week at an exhibition which celebrates international food design.














17.10.15 - 25.10.15












D: n.a.t.u.r. festival // I AM LOVE ice-salon Dibergstraße 2, 44789 Bochum

the collaboration with Merle Bergers goes one day to the festival within the context of natural aesthetic in the urban area and having conversations about the research with the ice-salon customers.








NL: digesting stories // CoffeeYou Clausplein 4, 5611 XP Eindhoven

Merle Bergers shows the result of the eat shit exhibition that took place in Milan together with her group-members. This result includes of course includes the collaboration with the belly bar. To see is her visualisation and communication of our digestive system and its qualities.








D: Tummy Talks - Kimchi workshop// I AM LOVE ice-salon Dibergstraße 2, 44789 Bochum

together with the kimchi workshop by  Sunjoo Lee, Tina Müller and Minyoung Choi the events are going to make conscious about our eating behavior, food and the value of fermentation by learning how to make Kimchi. The belly bar will assist them and try to translate the participants belly reactions of that fermenting cabbage into our own understandable language. Join the workshop: here!